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All Grants & Top Charities Funds

As of July 2023, GiveWell only donates to charities that they expect to save a life (or cause an equivalent increase in peoples' well-being) for less than ~$5,000—ventures that have a ten times greater impact than directly giving money to some of the world's poorest people (at a rate of $0.85 for every $1 donated). GiveWell offers the All Grants Fund and the Top Charities Fund. The Top Charities fund solely donates to GiveWell's top charities. In contrast, the All Grants Fund gives to charities GiveWell expects to be most impactful, regardless of whether it is one of GiveWell's top charities. In effect, this means the All Grants Fund provides grants to charities that are too small to recommend as a top charity or efforts that may not always be highly cost-effective but, under certain conditions (such as the country it is deployed), met when grant-giving, are more effective than the top charities. The All Grants Fund's wider net also may reduce the amount that (due to inherent uncertainty in estimating effectiveness) donations are funneled into non-optimal charities. Thus, donating to the All Grants Fund seems more optimal than contributing to the Top Charities Fund, but both are outstanding.

Giving Green & FP Climate Change Fund

Giving Green is a subset of the nonprofit IDinsight that creates a fund for the most effective climate change charities. Founder's Pledge (FP) produces various charity funds optimizing cost-effectiveness. Giving Green and FP have some differences in their current strategies (this may change as new information arises). The foremost difference is that FP seems to focus more on research and advocacy, whereas Giving Green grants more to technological innovation. DGN presently recommends donors give a tentative 50% to Founder's Pledge and 50% to Giving Green to minimize the risk of missing out on optimal ventures.

Top Charities

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) scrupulously combs through animal welfare charities to determine the most effective. As of July 2023, ACE's top charities are Faunalytics, The Humane League, the Good Food Institute, and the Wild Animal Initiative (click here for ACE's current top charities). ACE offers a fund of their recommended charities for convenience. If you choose to donate to charities individually, it seems the Good Food Institute deserves a special emphasis in your donations because of its potential to end factory farming in the long term.