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RESULTS provides a platform for you to quickly advocate for tractable global health & development legislation to US representatives. Sending an email or letter takes minutes and may influence the outcome of legislation that could save numerous lives. RESULTS is exceptionally high-impact because global health & development lobbying is highly neglected; few organizations lobby against global poverty and the ones that do appear to work.

The Against Malaria Foundation

The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is one of GiveWell's top charities—GiveWell a trusted expert that uses strict criteria demanding evidence-backed impact. The AMF specializes in delivering life-saving insecticide-treated bed nets to at-risk individuals, costing only ~20 cents per net. Its volunteering is involved compared to our minutes-long options; however, volunteering with the AMF is flexible, online, and highly impactful, so the time is well worthwhile.

All Grants & Top Charities Funds

As of July 2023, GiveWell only donates to charities that they expect to save a life (or cause an equivalent increase in peoples' well-being) for less than ~$5,000—ventures that have a ten times greater impact than directly giving money to some of the world's poorest people (at a rate of $0.85 for every $1 donated). GiveWell offers the All Grants Fund and the Top Charities Fund. The Top Charities fund solely donates to GiveWell's top charities. In contrast, the All Grants Fund gives to charities GiveWell expects to be most impactful, regardless of whether it is one of GiveWell's top charities. In effect, this means the All Grants Fund provides grants to charities that are too small to recommend as a top charity or efforts that may not always be highly cost-effective but, under certain conditions (such as the country it is deployed), met when grant-giving, are more effective than the top charities. The All Grants Fund's wider net also may reduce the amount that (due to inherent uncertainty in estimating effectiveness) donations are funneled into non-optimal charities. Thus, donating to the All Grants Fund seems more optimal than contributing to the Top Charities Fund, but both are outstanding.

80,000 Hours

Your career is 80,000 hours long. That's a long time, so it makes sense to think about it critically. Over 60 studies agree that the most fulfilling and enjoyable jobs are those that have a positive impact, so it's a good idea to prioritize doing good in your career. The team at 80,000 hours help you build a satisfying and beneficial career from start to finish: What it means to do good, how to do more of it rather than less, career guides, application advice, and so on. They offer a career guide (with a two-minute summary) helping you think through your career and, once you have flexible plans, a newsletter of job opportunities that do maximal good.

The Optimist

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) is a global health & development philanthropy leader, working in 141 countries and giving $71 billion to date. Published by its learned experts, the BMGF's newsletter, the Optimist, focuses on novel solutions and ideas and emphasizes celebrating successes in the long battle against global poverty.

Africa & South Asia Briefs

Africa and South Asia have the most people living in extreme poverty. Hence, for anyone seeking to reduce poverty and alleviate its health effects, it is crucial to be informed on developments in these regions. Understanding these areas' politics, economics, and culture is useful to ensure the success of efforts to help. For this, Foreign Policy offers two convenient briefs, one for Africa and another for South Asia.

Global Health NOW

The Global Health NOW (GHN) newsletter was created to update subscribers on global health developments in an easy-to-scan format. While health in low-income countries is likely the highest priority, GHN doesn't focus specifically on health in the poorest areas and opts for a broader view. Still, most issues discuss the least developed nations in at least one section.